Beautiful spots and Views Surprise and Delight

What is The Amangiri?

Aman in Sanskrit stands for peace and Giri for mountain. The hotel certainly lives up to it’s name. The Amangiri is a gorgeous tribute to innovative concrete building. A reminder that while the US military fashioned all sorts of ugly concrete bunkers with creativity and money a concrete bunker can be transformed into a work of art. The hotel is just that- a work of art. The hard lines of the concrete work to create beautiful frames and unexpected moments to view the dramatic landscape and everywhere well placed trees soften those lines forcing an interaction between right angles and red cliffs and soft green trees. The other impactful element that the hotel and landscape have in common is water. There is water everywhere. Not huge fountains but smaller moments of water so just like the water-carved cliffs and canyons around you the aquatic moments remind you of the sheer force and necessity of water in our lives.


A living wall comes alive with different algae and lots of color in the spring and summer months.

Where is The Amangiri?

The hotel is a dramatic structure, but it does not take away from the true scene stealer- the landscape. The Amangiri is located 30 minutes outside of Page, Arizona. Page is a “not ready for primetime” town of 2,000 and serves as the gateway to Lake Powell, slot canyons and rafting on the Colorado River. Page is also a few miles away from Navajo Reservation so all around Page is space, lots and lots of space which is great as the landscape is unbelievably beautiful. While Page, itself, has a Marriott and other chain hotels, McDonald’s and Wal-Mart dominate the town. As far as a tourism, there’s not a lot to do in Page.

Accommodations at The Amangiri

The hotel has one dining room and 34 suites ranging from $5,200- $1,050 a night and The Mesa House for rent. The suites are beautifully appointed and reflect the muted color tones of the desert. Each suite consists of a bedroom, bathroom and outside seating areas with views of the desert or mountain ranges. The suites all have private plunge pools which being in the desert does come in handy. The pool wraps around a natural rock wall where it is said that the owners stood after surveying their newly purchased 600 acres toasting each other and the acquisition and decided in that moment to place the pool and the heart of the hotel in the very spot.


The Pool and Stone Precipice Where the Idea for the Hotel was Conceived

The Spa at The Amangiri

The rooms attach is a serpentine line affording views of a beautiful mesa and cliffs behind that mesa. The pool and dining room/library are central with two arms of rooms extending laterally. There are many other public sitting ares from which to enjoy the view as well as a 25,000 foot spa and a gym. The gym is the least remarkable part of the hotel. It’s any hotel’s gym. The spa however is gorgeous. With a beautifully designed entrance and expansive out buildings it is spacious and peaceful reflecting the overall vibe of the hotel. The spa is a central hub of activity providing all sorts of treatments from personal training to salt water floats to singing bowls and, of course, the traditional spa treatments.


Entrance to the Spa


Singing Bowl Ceremony

Eats at The Amangiri

AmangiriThe food at the Amangiri is included in the price of your stay- booze is not- remember that. The food ranges from decadent to very healthy. All that is served is fresh and delicious. You really can’t go wrong. At mealtime, expect to experience the glory of Aman customer service with wait staff an

d servers being pleasant and interested in engaging. The General Manager (GM) and Assistant GM are always walking through the dining room at dinner wanting to engage and learn about your day and your stay.



Yellowtail Sashimi

We stayed in a suite with a plunge pool and an upstairs sleeping deck that were well used. The bed is placed on a concrete platform (as mentioned before the entire hotel is made of concrete) which caused more than a couple of leg bruises (concrete isn’t soft) as the bed didn’t extend to end of the concrete platform but left 7 inches on either side to navigate. The rooms are all situated to take advantage of the view. There is a large window in the shower so that you are never too far from the vista. The separate toilet also has beautiful pottery for you to meditate on while you are doing, well, other things. The bed is soft, really soft and it has the indentations of lots of use (which is alway a bit disconcerting).


Amangiri Sleeping Bed

Okay, I’m in.  How Do I Get There?


Perfect Happy Hour

Finally getting to the Amangiri is challenging. The hotel is 4 hours from Phoenix and 5 hours from Vegas. You can fly into Page with Great Lakes Air but DON’T DO IT. I am writing this in the back of Aman car driving us to Phoenix as Great Lakes Air decided to cancel our early morning flight the evening before we were to leave. The GM told us that the most reliable way of getting the hotel is to fly to St. George and the rent a car and drive the two hours to the hotel. He did say that Red Tail Charters was going to start service to the Amangiri from Las Vegas and the charter would be landing on property starting in July (hopefully).