“Of the gladdest moments in human life, methinks is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands.”

Sir Richard Burton

The Enthusiastic Amateur refers to a term used for explorers.  Before trains and cars and phones, explorers were charged with… well… exploring.  The only way of recording their findings was to write, draw, or mimic lands, animals and folks they came across.  These (mostly) men had to become amateur painters, writers, and musicians.  Their willingness to be amateurs freed them from years of schooling and apprenticeship and allowed them to follow their passion- exploration.  I believe in this “good enough” philosophy (certainly in parenting) with regards to my photos and my writing as well as the enthusiasm inherent in the experience of encountering the new or novel.


The moment you leave the place of your routine, your journey begins.  Whether with kids, relatives, friends or solo the start of a journey is a moment of transformation.  Even when you worry about the plantar’s warts you may be growing because you forgot socks during the TSA check- it’s all a part of the journey.  Expectations are replaced with enthusiasm and the expert at home is replaced with the enthusiastic amateur abroad.


To provide a forum for fellow travellers, to give suggestions as to what worked and what was great (not so big on writing negative reviews)- would rather give accolades so don’t look for negative reviews rather look for reviews of really wonderful places/things to do.

Who is the Enthusiastic Amateur?

Version 3Hilary Garland
A mother to the two G’s (teenage boys), a clinical psychologist and a travel nut.  Her mother swears that Hilary was born that way, but she dragged Hilary around the globe at a very early age.  Now in her 50’s, Hilary has older kids (worry not, she kept the tradition alive and started them globetrotting at an early age), not as much work (dialing back her work as a psychologist), and a bit more wisdom knowing that travel makes her feel more alive than sitting at home.


Collaboration is what it’s about.  Let me know your thoughts/ideas/positive affirmations.

Have questions? Contact me! hilary@theenthusiasticamateur.com